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In the shadow of Italy’s beautiful Alps, Turin is an elegant city of tree-lined boulevards and atmospheric piazzas. It’s the home of Italy’s best-selling car brand, Fiat, and one of Europe’s most famous soccer teams - Juventus, as well as swathes of historical and cultural cache, making it the perfect location for a city break.

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You’ll find our branches in and around the city, including those conveniently located at Turin Airport and on Corso Bolzano in the city center.

And, whether you’re visiting the city for business or pleasure, hiring a car has never been simpler, thanks to our fantastic range of vehicles, a 24-hour helpline and the option to cancel or amend your car hire package within seven days of making the booking without fees.

Driving in and around Turin

The terrain around Turin and the nearby Susa Valley ranges from winding mountainous roads and mountain passes to stretches of smooth city highways. Turin Airport is located 18 kilometers to the north, and can be reached by taking the busy Raccordo Autostradale.

Turin is one of many cities accessed via the Autostrada A26, a highway which links the scenic northern Italian regions of Piedmont and Liguria. Its nickname is the Autostrada dei Trafori (the Autostrada of the Tunnels) because it tunnels through mountains both in the Alps and those which are part of the Apennines range. The Autostrada A4 runs for more than 500 kilometers, connecting Turin with Trieste from the west to the east of Italy, via Milan and Venice.

The A55 acts as the loop road around Turin – a busy highway used to bypass the city to the north and south. Many highways merge into the A55, which can lead to gridlock during the busier periods.

You'll find driving in central Turin simple, thanks to the city's efficient road network. Corsa Regina Margherita offers you the best route to head across the city from west to east, whereas Corsa Potenza and Corsa Siracusa will allow you to get into the heart of the city from north and south respectively.

When driving in and around the city, look out for signs which bear the words “zona a traffico limitato.” These so-called ZTLs are reduced traffic zones and are off-limits to all but a few authorized vehicles. Be aware that the blue zone parking spaces in the old city center require payment – these spaces are identifiable by their blue outlines. Tickets can be purchased from certain shops and from automatic payment stations.

Turin’s position near the base of the Alps – and the adverse conditions which affect the area from time to time - mean that it’s wise to keep a pair of snow chains in your car. We can arrange to have them made available when you book if you're visiting in the winter months. For more information, check out the AA guide to driving in Italy.

A quick guide to Turin

Turin is a beautiful alpine city destination whose mix of classical architecture and cultural interests attracts everyone from gourmet food lovers to cyclists and hikers.

The freshest food in Italy

A common theme throughout all of Italy, Turin is famed for its local delicacies and fine cuisine. Typical Torino dishes include antipasti starters, with tomini (small creamy cheeses served with anchovies), Vitello tonnato (veal in tuna mayonnaise) and bagna cauda (garlic and anchovy sauce). The Po Valley area of Piedmont has several rice paddies, which is why rice dishes are popular in and around Turin. Popular dishes include Risotto ai Funghi (with Porcini mushrooms) and Risotto alla Milaneseb (with saffron). Here, rice dishes are often made with venere nero, a black, short-grain rice that’s grown locally.

Turin is known for its international cuisine, and while there’s plenty of local fare, you’ll also find restaurants serving food from around the world. And of course, there are plenty of pizzas, with farinata (a variety made with chickpea flour) being especially popular in the city.

Wonderful walks

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Turin’s great facilities and proximity to the Alps brings legions of winter sports fans here even in the peak season. But it’s a city with a year-round appeal for those who love the great outdoors. Gran Paradis National Park, an hour’s drive away from Turin, is an alpine destination which draws not only the local Turin residents but also snow-seekers from all over the world. It’s filled with rolling meadows and meandering streams, and for those embarking on longer walks, there are mountain huts where hikers can spend the night.

North of Turin you’ll find Cogne, a small mountain resort on the edge of the stunning Valnontey Valley. It’s an area rich with wildlife, including marmots and mountain foxes, and the views are unbeatable – from the higher slopes, it’s possible to see the Gran Paradiso itself, the peak for which the park was named.

Preserving the past

Turin possesses many great sites of historical interest, spanning back as far as Ancient Egypt. At the Egyptian Museum, you’ll find one of the largest collections of artifacts belonging to the ancient civilization alongside prestigious works of art. One of the world’s last surviving collections of Egyptian papyrus can be found here - used for writing and painting it typically doesn’t last long enough to have made it into modern museums.

Built in the late 17th century, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud houses the Turin Shroud, a piece of linen that contains the visage of what many people believe to be Jesus. Religious and scientific debates are frequently centered on verifying this artifact but it remains one of Turin’s most visited exhibits as experts try to decode its secrets.

Speaking of history, one of Turin’s football clubs, Juventus, is regarded as among Europe’s most successful, having been the first team to claim every single title it could possibly contend for. Take a trip to the J-Museum and Juventus Stadium to learn all about the Bianconeri.

Whatever your reason for visiting this fine city, Turin is one of Italy’s best – and well worth a visit whatever the time of year, for Alpine escapes or urban exploration. Ready to book your trip? Click here.