With the Manager's Special, you'll get an Economy or larger vehicle at a rate that is equal to an Economy car.

When you arrive to pick up your car, the location will pick the vehicle for you: you might get an Economy car, a Mid-size car, a Minivan, or an SUV... it's a special deal!

The Hertz Manager's Special guarantees a great rental with room for at least four passengers and
two pieces of luggage.

  • Rates equal to an Economy
  • Economy car or larger vehicle, guaranteed
  • Pick up location determines vehicle at time of pick up
  • Vehicle will have at least 4 seatbelts
  • Room for 2 or more pieces of luggage

To book a Manager's Special vehicle, click on the "Book It Now" button, put in your rental details, select the Manager's Special and voila! Come pick up your rental and let us surprise you!

Please note that the Manager's Special option is only available at select locations.